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Eileen Myles

Eileen Myles (born 1949) is an American poet and writer who has produced more than twenty volumes of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, libretti, plays, and performance pieces over the last three decades.[1] Myles is described as "one of the savviest and most restless intellects in contemporary literature."[2] In 2012 she received a Guggenheim Fellowship to complete Afterglow (a memoir), which gives both a real and fantastic account of a dog's life. (da Wikipedia)

A poeta foi a inspiração para um personagem da série "Transparent", de Jill Soloway:

"The writers determined that, in the second season, Ali Pfefferman would go to graduate school for gender studies, and that she would have an affair with a magnetic and much older female professor. They decided to model the character on the iconic lesbian poet Eileen Myles—a protégé ofAllen Ginsberg’s who wrote the cult classic “Chelsea Girls,” along with eighteen other books. “So I go on sort of a deep dive of who Eileen is, watching videos of her,” Soloway told me. She felt the spiky blossoming of a crush. “I kind of get a feeling of, like, Oh, this is gonna be bad.”"

Fonte: perfil de Jill Soloway na revista The New Yorker:

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Cartaz de Oslo Queer Cinema festival, disponível em CommercialCloset.


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Little horribles, websérie

Webcomédia lésbica:

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Tropes vs. Women

Feminist Frequency is an ongoing series of video commentaries exploring gender representations, myths and messages in popular culture media. Created and hosted by Anita Sarkeesian.
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Revista Geni celebra o mês da Visibilidade Lésbica

Geni é uma revista virtual independente sobre gênero, sexualidade e temas afins. Ela é pensada e editada por um coletivo de jornalistas, acadêmicxs, pesquisadorxs, artistas e militantes. Geni nasce do compromisso com valores libertários e com a luta pela igualdade e pela diferença.